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the US election is over and we can all get back to norma

Reserve who gives the impression that monetizing the debt can be the solution to our economic woes and a congress that thinks the socialization of America's free enterprise system will bring prosperity back to America. It just won't work. Which in turn, like it or not, can't bring prosperity to the global community. As someone once said, "It's complicated". Any vestige of (d)emocracy is being systematically stamped out by the despots who have been elected by the so called ,"US Govt backed democratic movement and the Muslim Brotherhood", and will eventually result in Sharia Law throughout the area. (Be aware ladies, be very aware. Stoning and beheading is the price of dishonor. -- Dishonor will be defined by the men in your life and their government. You deserve better.)I could go on and on but won't. Your opinion will be appreciated, but not necessarily accepted. The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. H. L. Mencken LostinSC wrote: a congress that thinks the socialization of America's free enterprise system will bring prosperity back to America. It just won't work. I thought that the socialisation was predominantly in regards to healthcare. You know, like the rest of the developed world. It is a bit of a right-wing myth that any form of socialism will destroy the 'free enterprise system'. A myth probably propagated by people who, by their own semiotic interpretation deluded connotations of the very word 'socialism', have mental images of goose-stepping muzhiks skies full of communist sputniks every time the term is uttered in their respective presences. WWND? (What would Nye do?)Nye Bevandocendo discimus It's hard to take anyone's opinion low Infrared 23 11s seriously when the approaches or style of policy they sponsor are never honestly explained. It is not so important for me to know the real reason that motivates a political party to take the approach they take, it's good enough for me to be able to discern that they are being deceptive. Their is no room in this world for such a govt. because they can never be aligned with truth and justice when they rely on lies and manipulation. This is especially dangerous with a democracy because the the need for the public to be misinformed snowballs. It would be foolish of me to give up smoking that costs $30 a month no matter how much it seemingly sounded smart, moral, and healthy. Before I go deluding myself that I must prevent these drops of water from causing the cess pool formation I must first not deny the buckets worth crap that need to be halted. The drops are not the problem. Especially when the drops are necessary and the buckets are notBefore we go waging a war to stop the "the evil of the month" it may be a good idea to ask the people who live there and see if those laws are desired ways of living or not Taxi 12s online . Propaganda journalists with no integrity cannot be used to falsely represent the happenings and opinions of citizens who actually live there. It seems some political parties are hell bent on making sure that Muslims and their beliefs can fill the big shoes that Communism wore for the war machine of the 50s and 60s Especially when fear, lies, and manipulation are the tactics used to justify those buckets of expenses. Doubley especially when the liers, fear-mongerers and manipulators depend on those buckets to be pipelines of cash used for personal gainand as far members of Congress, or anyone involved in the Taxi 12 lucrative industry and the business of Circuses that politics has become. Anyone who employs tactics such as effectively shutting down America when manipulation fails to allow the wrongful control of our govt. budgets to the Circus of Boehner et al, is grounds for immediate removal for their position. How can the People trust someone to be in charge of anything that remotely has to do with running Our country, when sabotage this country is not a low they will not stoop to?

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